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5 Signs you hired a great Roofer 🤓

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Just like anything you buy you hope that you made the right purchase decision.

Unlike buying a car or clothing, a new roof is an investment that you may only make once. So how do you know it you made the right decision when choosing your roofing contractor?

The following 5 Signs are a good start:

1. The company is an established local company that preferably has been in business for at least five plus years.

2. The company is respectful of your time and provides you with a detailed estimate backing that up with a solid warranty they can stand behind. There is no sense in a warranty if the company won't be around for very long.

3. They don't rush you into making a decision or, ask for ANY money up front. An established roofing company will have credit with local roofing supply companies so they don't need your money up front (red flag).

4. The crews are clean, courteous, and have experience (ours have fifteen years plus).

5. You don't pay until you are COMPLETELY SATISFIED with your new roof, repair, siding or job that the company completes.

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