Gutters may appear as minor refinements to your property but they protect your house from major hazards!

If you find your gutters and downspouts damaged by storm or if they appear to have withered due to age, do not neglect it. Rainwater seepage may damage the foundation of your house in no time at all. Call Action Roofing & Remodeling, the well-known roofing specialists of San Antonio to replace the storm damaged or weather beaten gutters with novel seamless gutters. Action Roofing & Remodeling is a professional roofing company founded by Theresa Skrobanek and William Clarkson, a champion in designing, fabricating and installing a wide range of commercial and residential roofing along with ancillary works. The company’s nationwide reputation, however, has been built on two significant points – a team of dedicated workforce whose only motto is to attain customer satisfaction and the management’s vow not to compromise with honesty and integrity in serving valued customers. It has taken us 25 long years to reach the present stage!

The materials used to replace your gutters:

Action Roofing & Remodeling does not believe in using second class materials or components while servicing their clients. We indent only the best quality metal based seamless gutters manufactured by renowned companies that include Alside, Alcoa/ Mastic as well as Reynolds/ Norandex for replacement of damaged gutters. These products can last you a lifetime, if not destroyed by hail or storm. As for replacement gutters, we will provide you with standard size materials in the range of 5 to 6 inches while the downspouts would vary between 2X3” and 3X4” depending on the actual requirement. We also make it a point to supply you with Gutter Guards to prevent collection of twigs and leaves in the gutter which often causes clogging.

Why our gutters and downspouts last longer:

The gutters we use for your home or office last longer as these are not only metal based (not pvc or any other cheap material) but are well chosen from a vast array of products that are available in the US market today. We also agree with the experts who know that an inch of rain on a regular roof can create as much as 500 gallons of rainwater runoff! Hence, it is important to be able to foresee what will happen to your house if a fierce rainstorm hits it badly. What is more, we can estimate the volume of rainwater that is likely to rush down your roofing by looking at the contours of your roof and install appropriate gutters & downspouts to offset it.

Don’t worry if your gutters are damaged by storm!

Thank your lucky stars if you find your gutters damaged by a severe storm because in that case, your insurance company will bear the brunt of the replacement cost. All you may have to do is make a call to the insurance company to inform them about the incident and then file a claim. As a matter of routine, the insurance company will send their insurance adjustor to inspect the property, make a note of the extent of damage and also to determine if it falls under the obligation of the insurance company to honor your claim. This is a vital issue in which our technical experts will be present with you to guide you to reach a reasonable settlement. Although they cannot take part in the meeting legally but their opinions can make a big difference. In any case, you may be rest assured that your gutters will be replaced absolutely free of cost or at a nominal cost (after considering your deductibles). Furthermore, in this context our technical services are absolutely free of cost!

We also offer Gutter Guard to help keep out the collection of leaves and other debris.

  • 5″ and 6″ Seamless Gutters
  • 2×3″ and 3×4″ Downspouts

*Has there been storms in your neighborhood lately that have caused damage? If so, contact us now and have your gutters be replaced for FREE compliments of your insurance company!*

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